Websites/Blogs to visit

Jeff Cavins website has good resources.  Scroll down to find Encountering the Word.  You can sign up to receive an email with Jeff breaking open the Sunday gospel each week.

One of my absolute favorite blogs for teaching: looktohimandberadiant.  She has so much on this sight and she is generous with giving it away/allowing you to download it!

Teaching the Year of Mercy?  Check out this website 

The Religion Teacher website.  Created by Jared Dees; His website is full of resources that are helpful. 


Joe Paprocki has an excellent site full of great information. Click here. 

The Catechist is a print publication with an online site as well.  It has sound ideas for teaching the faith. Click here. 

The Catholic Toolbox has a wealth of ideas for the classroom. Click here. 

The site has many practical resources you may find helpful.