Faith Formation



We welcome all families who wish to register their children in the parish faith formation and sacrament preparation programs for the upcoming year 2018-2019.

Our program is meant to support the faith formation that is already occurring through you, the parents and guardians.  YOU are the most important teachers and models of faith for your children. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that regular Mass attendance, ongoing stewardship and involvement in the parish is essential to the foundation of strong Catholic faith.  You pass on to your children your priorities, attitudes, reverence and appreciation for the faith. What you do (or don’t do) does matter! Thank you for making the commitment to educate your children in the Catholic faith.  We are here to assist you on your journey and we sincerely look forward to developing a relationship with your family.  God bless!


Faith and Life at Home


  Parents, you can follow along with your student in their journey through the Faith and Life series for 1st grade through 5th grade.  Click the link below to go to the website and then click on your child's grade. 

Faith and Life: A Catechetical Series for Grades 1-8

Sr. Mary Alma developed this curriculum, C.K. It is designed to correspond, chapter by chapter, with the Faith and Life Series published by Ignatius Press but in a manner that condenses the material to make it more manageable for PSR teachers.


Included in the Parish PSR curriculum are:


1. The 1-8 grade Faith and Life Series textbooks, workbooks, and teacher's manuals which are depicted below


2. A complete set of Parish PSR materials which include a lesson, PowerPoint, video, and activity for each chapter in every grade